Our History

  • 2002

TMCCC’s VBS began with 15 children attending a 1-week session!

             Theme: Knowing Christ

  • 2003

             Theme: Adventures in Odyssey: In Search of Champions

  • 2004

VBS grew to an attendance of 25 children and camp is lengthened to a 2-week session.

             Theme: Power Up!

  • 2005

             Theme: Serengeti Trek

  • 2006

VBS continues to increase in number to an attendance of over 35 children, including a brand new Leaders-In-Training (LIT) program for Gr. 7s & 8s!

             Theme: Timestone Travellers

  • 2007

Our 5th Anniversary — over 50 children attends VBS this year!  The LIT program is modified into a VBS Youth Track option for Gr. 7 & 8.

             Theme: Take the Plunge!

  • 2008

To accommodate the increasing numbers of children, VBS expands to 2 sessions of 2 weeks each!

             Theme:  Session 1—Outrigger Island                                                                                            Session 2—SonWorld

  • 2009

Approximately 50 children attend each 2-week session of VBS.

             Theme: Session 1—Wildwood Forest                                                                                          Session 2—Boomerang Express

  • 2010

Registration was full for each 2-week session of VBS.

             Theme: Session 1—WaterWorks Park                                                                                        Session 2—Egypt: Joseph’s Journey from Prison to Palace

  • 2011

Registration was full for each 2-week session of VBS.

             Theme: Session 1—Hometown Nazareth                                                                                  Session 2—Inside Out & Upside Down on Main Street

  • 2012

Our 10th Anniversary!!  This year, we have planned only 1 session of VBS extended to 3 weeks long.

             Theme:  Amazing Desert Journey

  • 2013

VBS continued with 1 session for 3 weeks long.

            Theme:  Colossal Coaster World

  • 2014

 We had a fun packed VBS for 2 weeks!

           Theme:  Wilderness Escape

  • 2015

 Another great 3 week long session!

           Theme:  Journey off the Map

  • 2016

3 weeks of Great Fun!

           Theme:  Ocean Commotion

  • 2017

We spent another 3 super exciting weeks with the campers!

           Theme:  Maker Fun Factory