Lift Christ Up: Reflections Page

In 2022, let’s share how we have lifted Christ up in our day-to-day lives.

Goal of the exercise


  • To Lift Christ Up in our lives


  • By growing in knowledge and relationship with Him
  • By honoring and magnifying Him in and with our lives
  • By witnessing and serving Him towards the growth of His Kingdom


  • In our home
  • In our community
  • In our church


Each Sunday

  • with a simple prayer ask God to grant to you the opportunities and the ability to Lift Him Up this coming week

For example, “Lord, grant to me, Your servant, the opportunities to lift You up this week. Grant to Your servant the eyes to see these opportunities and the boldness and strength to Lift You up in them.” 

  • Then, take a few minutes and think of ways you can Lift Him Up in your home, community, church this week. Trust and let the Holy Spirit guide you.

Each day of the week

  • Begin each morning with a simple prayer to Lift Him Up. For example, “Lord, grant to me the opportunities and the abilities to honor You and to magnify You (Lift You Up) today.”
  • Go about your day doing what you need to do trusting in the Holy Spirit to lead you and guide you such that you will Lift Him Up and honor Him.
  • When you are aware of an opportunity to Lift Him Up, do it!
  • Afternoon: Spend 5 minutes reflecting on your morning and a short prayer.
  • Close each day with a quiet reflection of your day and prayer. You may want to journal down some thoughts you have of your day and the ways you have Lifted Him Up today.

At the close of each week

  • reflect and journal down how God has led you to Lift Him Up this past week. Give thanks to God with a prayer. For example, “Thank You, gracious Lord, for the opportunities this past week to honor You, to magnify You, to Lift You Up.”
  • Share your experience with others (family, small group, fellowship, prayer group, brothers and sisters), and on this page!

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 Lift-Christ-Up…Welcoming Christ as I awake and continue conversing with Him throughout the day.

– Anonymous, Jan 12 2022

Lift- Christ- up…for me, it is speaking (out loud) to Him throughout the day, discussing situations that trouble me, asking for direction, confessing as soon as I realize of a wrong thought/ attitude/comment occured. Sometimes I \’argue\’/question Him, but I know that He listens and He will guide and re-direct my thoughts. At the end of the day, I thank Him and praise Him for spending the day with me and ask for a restoring rest .

– Anonymous, Jan 12 2022

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